If you are dealing with health issues that you can’t seem to find solutions for then you are in the right place.

What symptoms are you currently experiencing?

• Do you want to lose weight?

• Do you suffer from digestive issues?

• Are you not sleeping well night after night even though you are exhausted?

• Would you like to have more energy? Do you feel a heaviness in your legs that make you feel completely weighed down and unable to move forward?

• What about unexplained burning or itching of the skin, with or without a rash, anywhere on your body?

Well I get it! I’ve been there. I have experienced all of those symptoms head to toe and much more. As we grow older we develop more and more symptoms and really begin to struggle with our health. What’s more is that I really want to help you heal!

I am so happy you found me!

Hi, my name is Christa and I have personally suffered with symptoms that medical doctors could not give me an explanation for. I had endured a painful, burning itch from my scalp all the way to the soles of my feet. I had moderate to severe tremors in both my hands. I also had an intermittent humming sensation along my spine, and aggravating muscle twitching in my eyes, back, and arm muscles. In addition to those symptoms, I often experienced a numbing sensation along my mid-back and ringing in my ears.

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I am a health & wellness coach with over 25 years experience working as a Registered Nurse. Even though I have a medical background, the knowledge that resonates most within me is the information I have obtained by studying the work of  Anthony William, also known as the Medical Medium. I have been participating in the Medical Medium Practitioner Support Service and am committed to learning and sharing Medical Medium information. I follow and apply the information shared by the Medical Medium in my practice to heal myself and others.

Using whole foods, supplements, and herbs, healing is possible. NO medical doctors, NO pharmaceutical drugs, NO blood work. You too can regain your health simply using a holistic approach to clean living. It’s that basic. It’s that powerful and it’s that real. Our bodies are designed to heal themselves naturally and my faith in life has been renewed.

Before discovering Anthony William, I was definitely at a crossroad in life. It was difficult to function as a mother and a wife and I was doing everything I could just to get through the day. I had little or no time for fun or spending quality time with my husband or friends even if I wanted to. And even if I did I just didn’t feel like I was doing anything more than going through the motions. I no longer experienced joy in my career, my marriage or personal life.  

I was in a bad place physically, emotionally and spiritually.  I was lost, but knew for sure there was more to life than my current existence, I was numb on the inside and out. My outlook on life led me to question all my current belief systems. I began seeing non-traditional medical practitioners for myself and my children. As a result, my eyes were opened to the infinite possibilities of life. It was then that I made the conscious decision to stop living in my fear based world. I completely overhauled my life and slowly but surely my life changed for the better. I finally had the answers to all that ailed me. The SHINGLES virus had been the culprit wreaking absolute havoc in my life.

Why work with me?

If your current medical doctor or specialist has been unable to help you and you are struggling like I was knowing  its not all “in your head” then…

I know I can help you clear your body of your symptoms and be symptom free!

I strongly believe my true purpose in life is to help others learn to heal themselves.

Today I am free of the pain and distress of the shingles virus. I revel in delight each morning that I am now sleeping 6-7 hours each night.  No more sleep aids for me! And the cracks that were once so painful in my heels and fingertips have been eradicated. The ringing in my ears I once had is gone! I am so blessed.

 If you feel the way I do and are inspired to try something completely natural to heal yourself, I’d love to connect with you and help you along your healing path. Contact me about packages currently available.

You have absolutely nothing to lose, and I am more than happy to give you a free 20 minute, no obligation, consultation. I will even give you the first step to get you started on your path to healing. My unique practice includes a monthly phone session and provides unlimited and confidential email support where thoughts and questions can be addressed and encouragement offered. Working together holistically in a way that fits into your life and supports your needs. 

Healing your body head to toe.  It is both a relevant and meaningful journey.